Scigeniq Unveils Integrated Training Management System (TMS) for Pharmaceutical Companies

Dubai, UAE, March 12, 2024 – Scigeniq, a leading innovator in pharmaceutical solutions, proudly announces the launch of the Scigeniq Training Management System (TMS). This comprehensive system empowers pharmaceutical companies to efficiently plan, track, and report on essential employee training, ensuring compliance with stringent industry regulations. 

Scigeniq’s Training Management System revolutionizes the way companies approach employee training by centralizing and automating the entire process. This strategic solution addresses the critical need for streamlined training programs within the pharmaceutical sector, where adherence to industry regulations is paramount. 

Abdullah Othman, Chief Product Officer of Scigeniq, commented on the unveiling of the Training Management System, stating: 

“Our Training Management System is the newest member of the Scigeniq product family and was the direct result of listening to our customers. They told us that managing training records is central to meeting their overall compliance requirements, and we made it our top priority.” 

Key Features of Scigeniq’s Training Management System (TMS) include: 

  • Centralized Training Program: Scigeniq TMS provides a centralized platform for planning, organizing, and implementing training programs, eliminating disjointed, manual systems. 
  • Training Programs based on Roles: The system can automatically create a complete training curriculum for each employee based on role. 
  • Effortless Tracking: The system enables real-time tracking of employee training progress, ensuring that all mandatory courses are completed within specified timelines. 
  • Distribution of Training Assets. With Scigeniq TMS Training materials, in the form of documents, presentations, or videos, are be distributed automatically to every person in a role requiring that training 
  • Manage Regulatory Compliance: With a focus on industry regulations, Scigeniq TMS ensures that Scigeniq TMS users are always in compliance with the latest standards and guidelines. 
  • Detailed Reporting: The system generates detailed and customizable reports to track training effectiveness, identify areas for improvement, and showcase compliance to regulatory authorities. 

After seeing Scigeniq TMS in action, Scigeniq customers are excited about the way this module integrates with other parts of the Scigeniq suite to address compliance requirements.  According to Dr. Enas Hasan, the General Manager at PRU,  

“The TMS module plays a critical role in Scigeniq’s lineup by enabling us to generate training plans, provide training materials, and monitor training activities to verify completion of all necessary training for each individual’s role. This fulfills a significant GxP requirement and finalizes an essential aspect of our quality program.” 

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About Scigeniq 

Scigeniq is a leading provider of innovative regulatory compliance solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. With a focus on advancing regulatory affairs, Scigeniq empowers pharmaceutical companies to meet their compliance goals, streamline operations, and drive efficiency. Our cutting-edge solutions are designed to enhance collaboration, centralize data, and provide actionable insights, ensuring our clients maintain the highest standards of regulatory compliance. 

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