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Scigeniq Training Management System (TMS) is a complete training management system that enables pharmaceutical companies to plan, track, and report on required employee training.

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Scigeniq TMS ensures compliance with rigorous industry regulations by centralizing and automating a company’s training program. A complete training record is built for each employee, documenting the training they require based on their role, their completed training, and any gaps between the two. 

Scigeniq TMS automates the entire training process. For example, when new SOPs are created or new processes are defined, a training requirement for every affected employee is created. The training asset – a presentation, a video, or a document, for example – is automatically sent to each person who requires the training with a date for completion. After the employee has completed the required training, a record of their having received, read, and understood the SOP or process is created. 

Training programs tailored to different sites

Generate training requirements based on role.

When a new item that triggers required training is added to Scigeniq, a new training requirement for every affected individual can be created based on their role.

Ensure training tasks are completed.

Ensure training tasks are completed. Every training task has a required completion date, and both managers and employees can be notified and reminded as the due date approaches or passes.

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Training Assets including links, videos and documents

Distribute training assets automatically.

Training materials, in the form of documents, presentations, or videos, are distributed automatically to every person in a role requiring that training

Check for compliance

A quiz feature allows an employee’s competence to be checked after training completion, with a minimum score required.

Training reports can be generated anytime, showing an employee’s training record and any pending or overdue training. And as required, every activity is captured in an audit trail.

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In an environment where precision, compliance, and knowledge are paramount, a well-implemented TMS is an indispensable asset, ensuring that the pharmaceutical company is not only compliant with requirements but can consistently deliver safe, effective, and high-quality products to patients and consumers.

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