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Scigeniq™ QMS

Our QMS solution provides built-in best practices for CAPA, Change Control, and other quality processes. It ensures compliance with global regulations and quality standards for Life Sciences companies. All investigations, processes, workflows, and quality data are managed in one centralized, flexible system.

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Scigeniq ™ DMS

Scigeniq DMS is a complete document management system for managing all your documentation in a secure and compliant manner. It includes complete workflows for document review, approval, modification, release, and discontinuation while maintaining a complete audit trail of all document changes.

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Scigeniq ™ RMS

Scigeniq RMS is a comprehensive regulatory management system that tracks and manages all your regulatory submission information and activities. With well-designed structures to organize all correspondence and dossiers, the system can adjust to your specific regulatory activities and ensures complete security while providing access to authorized stakeholders.

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Scigeniq EBR

Scigeniq Electronic Batch Records Systems is the ultimate solution for pharma companies seeking to automate batch record management. With Scigeniq EBR, you can say goodbye to complex and time-consuming paper-based processes and embrace the power of automation by seamlessly automating the scheduling, processing, and tracking of tasks.

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Scigeniq TMS

Scigeniq Training Management System (TMS) is a complete training management system that enables pharmaceutical companies to plan, track, and report on required employee training. TMS ensures compliance with rigorous industry regulations by centralizing and automating a company’s training program, automating the entire training process.

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