Beyond the Hype: How is AI impacting Quality Systems in Pharmaceutical Companies Today?

AI in Pharma

We all know and have heard a thousand times that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a transformative technology with the potential to revolutionize “the way we do things” across industries and functions. In this post, my goal is to cut through the hype and dig deeper to understand the tangible, more immediate impacts of AI, specifically

8 Takeaways from FCEPharma 2024

FCEPharma 2024

The Scigeniq team was present in force at the FCE Pharma conference earlier in June. The conference was huge and underscored the exciting trends and developments in the Latin American Pharma market. Focused on the Pharma Industry FCE Brazil is a major trade show and conference focused on the pharmaceutical industry. Held annually, the event

As Brazil Pharma Market Evolves, Investments in Quality Become Critical to Success

Managing quality in Latin America Pharma

The pharmaceutical industry in Brazil and Latin America has undergone a remarkable transformation over the past few decades. Twenty years ago, the industry mainly consisted of multinational companies importing products and small family firms marketing local formulations of generic drugs. Today, the market is driven by fast-growing local companies that offer a wide range of

Look For Configurable Software in Pharma, Not Customized Software – Here’s Why

Configurable Software

If you are shopping for software, be careful what you ask for. If you ask for a custom feature or capability and the vendor says yes, it will probably end up being a bad thing. Trust me, I know. I have been in hundreds of those discussions over more than three decades – customization is

Five Reasons Latin America Offers a Promising Market for Pharma Companies

Promising Market for Pharma Companies

In a recent blog, we discussed the growth that Latin America’s pharmaceutical market has experienced in recent years and said the trajectory seems promising for the future. Readers responded by asking why we feel the market is so promising, so here is a summary of the top five reasons we believe the market will continue

The MENA Pharma Market: Getting Ready for M&A Activity

Preparing for M&A Activity

With continued and accelerating growth, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region has become a major player in the global pharmaceutical market. Increasing demand for healthcare services and a growing population have driven strong growth, and a focus on local investment and development has accelerated the industry’s maturation. As the sector continues to mature,

The Evolving Regulatory Landscape for Latin American Pharma Companies

Pharma regulations in Latin America

The pharmaceutical industry in Latin America has grown substantially in the last decade. In the decade ending in 2018, the value of medicine purchases in pharmacies more than doubled in Latin America and the Caribbean. The market grew from US$34.3 billion in 2008 to US$69.5 billion in 2018. The region accounts for 6.3 percent of

The Rapid Evolution of The Pharma Regulatory Landscape in MENA

MENA Regulations

Few regions in the pharma industry have witnessed transformations as significant as those in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Alongside the emergence of new companies, new products, and rapid growth, the regulatory environment governing pharmaceuticals in this region has experienced a profound evolution. Understanding these changes is essential for any company that operates

Scigeniq Unveils Integrated Training Management System (TMS) for Pharmaceutical Companies

Dubai, UAE, March 12, 2024 – Scigeniq, a leading innovator in pharmaceutical solutions, proudly announces the launch of the Scigeniq Training Management System (TMS). This comprehensive system empowers pharmaceutical companies to efficiently plan, track, and report on essential employee training, ensuring compliance with stringent industry regulations.  Scigeniq’s Training Management System revolutionizes the way companies approach

Automated SOPs and a Training Management System: The Yin and Yang of Quality Management

Together - SOPs and Training Management

Generally, one plus one equals two, but from our experience with our customers, sometimes it can add up to a lot more. Investing in an automated system for managing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) is often one of the first steps growing pharma companies make as they start to build an electronic Quality Management System. That