Scigeniq DMS

Scigeniq DMS is a comprehensive document management system designed for life sciences companies. It provides an organized, centralized repository for all types of documents, from SOPs to manufacturing drawings. 

document management main screen

With Scigeniq DMS, documents are protected, tracked, and managed to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. The system includes complete workflows for creating, reviewing, and approving documents within a CSV-compliant, validated environment. 

Document Management - Versioning

Version Management

Each version, every change, and all the actions taken on documents in the system are tracked and recorded while access is restricted to only the authorized users in the designated role.   

Automated Review, Approval & Release Workflows 

The review and approval processes for any document are defined with automatic notifications to all stakeholders and automated release upon final sign off. 

document management - workflows
document management admin

Access, Search and Print

All the documents in the system are organized and available to authorized users with the option to search, identify and print the documents they need.

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