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Electronic Batch Records Webinar

Electronic Batch Records: A Crucial Link in Your Quality Management System

In many automated Quality Management Systems, there is a missing element: The Electronic Batch Record. Without an automated method for tracking batches through the manufacturing process, the other elements of the Quality Management System are underutilized because they cannot easily take actions, such as to stop or inspect a batch of product that is or may be affected.

Watch on demand as we talk about the benefits of electronic batch records and show you one in action.

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Life Sciences Webinar Series QMS
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Quality Management as a Competitive Advantage

During this session, we will discuss the transformative role that a modern Quality Management System can play in mid-size pharma companies. We will look at the key capabilities of a modern QMS and what to look for when evaluating alternative QMS systems. We will also show how Scigeniq’s QMS creates a fully-documented, closed-loop quality cycle from the initial issue or deviation right through to documented change control.

You will learn the following:

  • The Changing Pharma Landscape in MENA
  • How a QMS drives business transformation for Mid-Size Pharma Companies
  • How One Company is Leveraging Technology for Business Advantage
  • How to Implement an electronic QMS Rapidly and Effectively
  • Five essential features of a modern QMS

5 Essential Functions of an RMS

We discuss how a regulatory management system helps ensure compliance, plan the workload, and track deliverables. We’ll share the five most important capabilities that an RMS application must have and show you how to optimize those capabilities in a live demo. You will learn the following:

  • The role of an RMS as a central hub for Regulatory Operations
  • How to know you are ready for an RMS
  • The five critical RMS capabilities
  • How to transition effectively to an RMS
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Life Sciences Webinar 5 Essential Functions of an RMS