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Beyond the Hype: How is AI impacting Quality Systems in Pharmaceutical Companies Today?

AI in Pharma

We all know and have heard a thousand times that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a transformative technology with the potential to revolutionize “the way we do things” across industries and functions. In this post, my goal is to cut through the hype and dig deeper to understand the tangible, more immediate impacts of AI, specifically

8 Takeaways from FCEPharma 2024

FCEPharma 2024

The Scigeniq team was present in force at the FCE Pharma conference earlier in June. The conference was huge and underscored the exciting trends and developments in the Latin American Pharma market. Focused on the Pharma Industry FCE Brazil is a major trade show and conference focused on the pharmaceutical industry. Held annually, the event

Look For Configurable Software in Pharma, Not Customized Software – Here’s Why

Configurable Software

If you are shopping for software, be careful what you ask for. If you ask for a custom feature or capability and the vendor says yes, it will probably end up being a bad thing. Trust me, I know. I have been in hundreds of those discussions over more than three decades – customization is

Five Reasons Latin America Offers a Promising Market for Pharma Companies

Promising Market for Pharma Companies

In a recent blog, we discussed the growth that Latin America’s pharmaceutical market has experienced in recent years and said the trajectory seems promising for the future. Readers responded by asking why we feel the market is so promising, so here is a summary of the top five reasons we believe the market will continue

4 Step Action Plan for Digital Transformation in Mid-Sized Pharma

digital transformation action plan

Digital Transformation is a very broad concept, but at its core it means leveraging computers and other digital technologies to fundamentally change the way a business operates. A simple example…Uber transformed the taxi industry by combining a mobile application for users, a digital dispatching system and a digital payments model.  For Pharma companies, digital transformation

A Transformative Opportunity Awaits the MENA Pharma Industry: Are You Ready?

MENA Pharma

Last week a very impressive group of Pharma industry leaders gathered in Jordan to talk about “Digital Transformation” and the state of manufacturing and quality systems. At this remarkable event, sponsored by Scigeniq, a very clear thesis emerged.  In essence, the shared belief among the speakers and participants is that Pharma companies in the Middle