Scigeniq Announces Launch of Scigeniq RMS at Cooper Pharma

Customer News: Cooper Pharma

Dubai, UAE – December 27, 2023 – Scigeniq, a leading provider of cutting-edge quality and regulatory solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, is delighted to announce the successful go-live of Scigeniq’s Regulatory Management System at Cooper Pharma.

For Scigeniq, this marks another milestone in our ongoing commitment to delivering innovative and efficient solutions to support pharmaceutical companies in the MENA region as they navigate the challenges of regulatory compliance.

Scigeniq RMS is an all-inclusive, automated system for planning, tracking, coordinating, and documenting regulatory submissions for life sciences companies. The solution provides an extensive set of capabilities to manage all aspects of the regulatory submission process, from initial planning to submission and archiving.

According to the CEO of Cooper Pharma, Ayman Cheikh-Lahlou,

“We realized that addressing regulatory requirements across the regions in which we operate was taking more and more time and resources, and wanted a way to streamline those activities. And we selected Scigeniq’s RMS not just for its capabilities, but because of their position as a leading software vendor for pharma companies in the MENA region.”

Jawad Kamal, CEO of Scigeniq, added,

“Partnering with Ayman and the Cooper Pharma team to implement our Regulatory Management System provided us with a great opportunity to work with a leader in the pharma industry in MENA. They are an extraordinary company that challenged us, supported us, and is now celebrating with us as the system moves into production.”

With their internal launch of Scigeniq RMS, Cooper Pharma will benefit from an  extensive set of capabilities, including:

  • Planning and Tracking Submissions. Track every submission against the plan and schedule and provide notifications to everyone involved in the submission when things are due.
  • Tracking International Registrations. Creates records of every product’s registration in every country and stores all related approvals and specifications.
  • Managing Change Control Documentation. Tracks Change Control approvals and activities and captures all changes(Variations, Renewals, Safety updates) in one centralized system.
  • Archiving Dossiers. Stores complete registration dossiers and allows easy access to all users for compliance checks.

Scigeniq RMS is part of the Scigeniq family of applications for managing quality and compliance at life sciences companies. They are explicitly designed to address the unique needs of mid-sized life sciences companies in the Middle East, Africa, and South America, and each application is designed to be much easier to use and much faster to deploy than alternatives.

About Cooper Pharma:

Since 1933, Cooper Pharma, a Moroccan pharmaceutical company, has been supporting health professionals in the service of a mission: to increase everyone’s access to medicines. Cooper Pharma is today a leading laboratory in the national pharmaceutical industry, with its Cooper product line, covering over a hundred specialties and the major therapeutic areas. Alongside its own products, Cooper Pharma is the partner of about twenty multinationals for which it represents a hundred medicines, under license. Cooper Pharma is a producer, distributor and exporter of pharmaceutical specialties. Cooper Pharma is today a reference player in the Africa and Middle East region with commercial span in Europe. Cooper Pharma has ten pharmaceutical plants fully owned or in JV with local leaders over North Africa, West Africa, East Africa, Gulf Cooperation Council countries and Europe. For more information, please visit:

About Scigeniq:

Scigeniq is a leading provider of innovative regulatory compliance solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. With a focus on advancing regulatory affairs, Scigeniq empowers pharmaceutical companies to meet their compliance goals, streamline operations, and drive efficiency. Our cutting-edge solutions are designed to enhance collaboration, centralize data, and provide actionable insights, ensuring our clients maintain the highest standards of regulatory compliance.

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